A Few New Team Building Ideas To Share With Our Readers


fun team building ideas for new hiresTeaching Project Management through Team Building

Big projects are an important part of the daily and weekly tasks of many businesses. Many companies assemble a team to deal with major projects as they come, and oftentimes, most of the people in the team have never worked together.

As a manager, you may start to see issues arise in the new group, such as lack of communication, reluctance to count on each other, and poor delegation skills. This happens when people are not used to working together or when they simply lack proper project management abilities.

Team Building Geared Toward Project Management

If you want your team to “gel” and work as a unit, then they need to know how to handle projects. Now work projects come with a lot of responsibility. Many of your team members may be wondering if a failed project will cost them their job. Some of them may be reluctant to offer team building ideas to the group simply because they don’t really know anyone in the group very well.
You can tackle all these issues and more with some team building activities. What you will need are activities that challenge your group to work together as a team. You should choose something that requires separate roles for each member, such as making a short film or building a craft.

These activities are complex enough that they require multiple roles and teamwork and are great ways to exercise your group’s project management capabilities. You will want to be careful, however, that you do not choose a team building event that is too challenging, or your group will get frustrated and the exercise will become counter-productive.

To get the most out of your team, you should make team building activities a regular part of their experience. You can schedule them every month or week, or as often as your group has time. Like any other ability, project management and teamwork often require continued practice to improve.

The Benefits to You

With continued team building activities you are every likely to see your teams work better together. They will know how to handle problems when they arrive and be more confident in the decisions they make. Your group will also be able to communicate more easily and work together more effectively. They will learn to rely on each other for help and be able to express their ideas more freely.

You will also see your group improving the way they work together without the need for communication. They will have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to work off one another. The longer your teams work and play together, the stronger the bonds of camaraderie and communication between then will be.

All of this leads to better project management. From groups that receive team building training, you will see higher quality projects and teams with high morale. Learning to play and compete together directly translates into being able to work together better.

By giving your employees team building exercises to engage in, you are directly improving their output and their value to your company. Each team building activity should be considered an investment, both in your employees and in the future of your company.